Demo Reel 2013

Pedro Ruiz Reel 2013 from videopixil on Vimeo. Motion graphics demo reel for 2013. 3D, compositing and animation for company intros, apps and demos.

Fat Pebble – Clay Jam

Zynga flew me to the UK to film behind the scenes of their upcoming game Clay Jam! Fat Pebble creates wickedly awesomely fun games for all your favourite smartphones and tablets. Their new game Clay Jam is now available for FREE! Get it on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and on Android.


Creating and capturing one of the most opulent brands, Land Rover, in one of the most opulent settings in the world. It’s been selected for prime-time material and will be played as a commercial during the Royal Wedding. I did the Video production and editing.



Simple & Easy Teleprompter for iPad. Lights, Camera, Action! I worked on the concept and 3D motion graphics and marketing.

Kikidoll Swimwear 2011

Shoot for new season swimwear Edited and color graded in Final Cut X

Reining Documentary

Trailer about Horse reining. Shoot on Canon 7Ds, using: Sigma 10mm & 20mm with a Blackbird Stabilizer Canon 70-200mm, 24-70mm with a Cobra Crane Hoya HMC CIR Polarizers Edit in Final Cut X

FCPX Image Stabilization & Motion 5 Keying

Tutorial using Image Stabilization and Rolling shutter correction in Final Cut Pro X. We take a quick look at keying using Motion 5. We also check out some tips when using compound clips.